Review Policy

Good day people! I will not be accepting any more reviews from on for a short while as it isn’t fair of me to add to my commitments if I know I can’t deliver. I appreciate all the offers but I don’t want to end up disappointing people. Thank you for your understanding and have a lovely day!

Hello stranger!

Here are some of the rules that I have for this blog with regards to how I review books, what genres I prefer, the format, how long it takes for me to post a review, etc. Now, to start this off, I want to let everyone know that I do currently work full-time and have plans to start Uni this upcoming Fall 2018. I also have been recently diagnosed with ADHD and am still on the experimental phase with my medications which makes me unable to consistently read and blog for the moment. Hopefully these will all be worked out in the future!

Out of all the genres I am open to most of them with the exception of technical books, hard sci-fi and military-science. I love reading adult, YA, middle grade and even non-fiction books. I can handle most sensitive materials that can be written but I would prefer if you give me trigger warnings anyways. As much as I read almost anything I do have some preferences and will therefore pick up those books much faster than any genre:

  • Fantasy/ High Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction, particularly renaissance/Victorian novels
  • Crime/Mystery
  • Horror
  • Contemporary
  • Romance

It takes me, on average, three days to read a book fully and one week including the written review. I use star ratings and this is how I categorize them:

★ – I didn’t hate it but it felt like a waste of time. Bad writing, bad plot, unimpressive characters.

★★ – It wasn’t too bad. I almost dozed off in a few parts but managed to finish the book nonetheless. Will not recommend.

★★★ – I had fun reading it. There’s nothing special about it and there are a few plot holes and inconsistencies but it was a page turner. Popcorn novels, will recommend.

★★★★ – This book was awesome. I couldn’t put it down, I couldn’t sleep and felt sad when it ended. It was perfect except for one little thing. High praises!

★★★★★ – LIFE CHANGING. GO BUY IT NOW. Will be in my bookshelf forever!

If possible I do prefer to receive printed copies but if not, a .mobi or PDF file is the preference as I do read on my Kindle a lot. I also accept .epub files or even Word documents if that’s what’s available.

I do insist the right to refuse any requests if it is not to my liking and if I know I won’t have time to properly read and review it. All my thoughts and opinions will never be swayed and will remain honest without coming off as plain rude. If I didn’t like a book, I won’t like it. I always try to remain tact and constructive with my reviews so as not to diss the writer personally but only to say how I thought and felt about the book.

I am in no way, shape or form a literary critique thus anything I express on this blog should not be taken as serious criticism. This is just a hobby and I represent the views of an ordinary, everyday reader.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to answer them!

Lots of love,