Sheets by Brenna Thummler – adorable marshmallow ghosts + pastel overload


sheets cover

I found this adorable graphic novel via Net Galley and I’m so glad I requested it. It’s about Marjorie Glatt, a middle grade student whose mom passed away and whose dad is not available because of grief.

This is a pretty short novel, it’s about grief and the value of friendships during this time of crisis. Her life is definitely not the greatest, she doesn’t have any friends, she’s always so glum because she misses her mom and a business man named Mr. Staubacker keeps on pestering them to leave their laundromat so he could put up his own business there.

Then there’s this ghost, Wendell, who is also having trouble acclimatizing to the Ghost Land and the fact that he is one. He misses having friends, he has trouble getting on with the other kids from his world so he decides to basically jump ship to the land of the living.

sheets 2

Friendship ensues. Mr. Staubacker is super annoying that I honestly wanted him to just die and turn into a ghost himself. Wendell is super adorable and the whole other world with ghosts in their sheets is another interesting aspect of this book.

It can get sad sometimes but I can safely say that this ends on a happy note. I loved the artwork and the color palette especially, I’m such a stinker for pastel colors. This reminds me of how hard it was to be a teenager. I haven’t experienced the loss of a parent yet but I know how even school life can be a hard thing to deal with at this age so I feel for Marjorie.

Adults can also be mean. Like, super mean and insensitive towards other people much less younger ones. The story is obviously not real but the reflection of how humanity is, is true.


I absolutely loved this book! I highly, highly suggest you to read it if you have access to it, as it is a heartwarming story about loss, grief and resilience.

Do you love reading graphic novels? What are some of your favourite ones? Comment down below, let’s chat!


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Discussion #4: Do you lend books to other people? Why or why not?


hearteuHello beautiful people! It’s currently Day 2 of my 3-day work off and I still haven’t done very much in the productivity department except go to the mall and spend money I don’t have. Yeah. Talk about fun haha. I’m back with another question to ponder! (because I still haven’t finished any books lel)

I received some beautiful goodies in the mail aka my book order from Chapters/Indigo! I almost forgot I spent that much money on new books, no regrets once I smelled that new book scent though! Maybe I’ll do a haul post, maybe not, it might be a bit boring.

Other than that, nothing new happened so I’ll just get onto the question!

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The Devil’s Playground by Alice J. Black AKA Living in an unending nightmare


the devils playground

This story is about a man named Jake. He has the best life he could imagine having. An awesome job as a medical doctor, the most amazing fiancé ever, and all the best buds both in the workplace and out. There’s only one thing, he’s been having these horrible nightmares about a place called The Devil’s Playground ever since his father left him and his mother when he was a younger man. Days on end, he would be thrown back into this horrific scene, only to be yanked into the real world, not letting him sleep.

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