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Who am I? My name’s Monica and I’m a 21-year-old who loves to read and discover new books and form various opinions about them. It takes quite a bit to make me dislike or even hate books so you might find that a lot of my reviews tend to be on the higher end of the rating spectrum, I guess I just like to see the good in all things 🙂

I have a taste for a wide array of genres including all of fiction and quite a bit of non-fiction (I can’t get into technical books or business self-helps unfortunately *sad face*) and I will read all day if I have the opportunity. This blog was born as a means for me to write about what books I’ve been reading, where I’ve been reading them and even all the awesome other places on the web that I find awesome works of fiction.

I currently own 500+ physical books and over 1000+ of e-books because I still have to rein in my book buying tendencies. It is definitely a goal for me to make a dent out of those gigantic number of books so you’ll definitely see a lot of updates about it throughout the year. I might participate in tags as well but we’ll see because I don’t like promising things I’m not sure I can go through with LOL.

Besides all that, I also do a bit of ARC reviews and just recently started beta reading for authors!



Other things about me:

  1. I am working a full-time job right now while waiting for my university acceptance letter to do Accounting
  2. I am IN LOVE with Diet Pepsi* (it has to be Pepsi not Coke)
  3. I have a habit of journaling three pages daily
  4. I just got off of my antidepressant (YAAAY!) and am on the way to being fully healed
  5. I am trying to build a relationship with yoga because I just realized I enjoy it so much
  6. I am slowly making myself not give too much f*cks about what other people think about me because it messed me up too much


Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy going through my blog and I hope you like it enough to follow! Stay fabulous!

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