Not a huge reading update + why do periods suck + math is annoying

Greetings lovelies!

Second day of actually posting something, yay to me! I should have planned this thing a bit better but no complaints, I’m trying and that’s what matters. How was your guys’ days?

I went to school and since I’m only taking one class this semester I had class at 6:00 in the evening. I have math class, and let’s just say it’s not the most fun thing to be at when you’re cramping hardcore lol.

I managed to focus for the first half of the class and just messed around the other half, which was probably a bad thing because now I have to read back on the notes to know what we were taught.

I’m also kind of struggling with just one class because even though I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year and started taking medication for it, my study habits are still complete crap. I need to go to therapy or coaching or something before I mess up college. It’s just hard because it’ll cost me $100 per session. Blegh. Good thing I work.

I did a little bit of crocheting today before I left the house because it’s a really relaxing hobby of mine. I’m also currently sitting down with a face mask while writing this because I just finished using a dermaroller on my face.

Onto the reading update: I’ve just realized I have an e-book out from the library just sitting on Overdrive in my phone and I only have 9 days on it. Better start reading it! I’m also still at the same book since yesterday so nothing new. I just want the cramps to stop.

giphy (7)


Nothing too exciting happened today, just started my period with great irritation haha. How are you guys? Anything new? Post whatever happened today, no matter how boring, I like knowing us book bloggers have lives beyond the computer screen 😀


Lots of love,



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