September Wrap Up + tips on how to prevent and/or get out of a reading slump!


Alas, September has come to an end and I wasn’t able to post anything nor read anything new. It wasn’t the best month for me, personally so I forgive myself for not being perfect *sigh*. I’ve read a whopping amount of 4 books, none of which I remember the synopsis or story, but hey, I can say I read something!

I’ve re-read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on audio with Jim Dale and I enjoyed it soo much. I plan to hopefully get to listen to one audio a month until I’ve finished them and then rinse and repeat, but with Stephen Fry’s version. I will master the Harry Potter series, watch me.

I’ve also read a library book and one Scribd audiobook aaand, something else I can’t remember. I know, I can look at my Goodreads page but it doesn’t seem that important. September was a comfort month and a HP month so I’ll keep it at that.

I tried to squeeze in one more book in the form of an audio but the story wasn’t grabbing me as much so I kind of, abandoned it. What’s the book you say? Red Rising. Now, don’t crucify me! I’ll still continue on that but I’m not the biggest sci-fi reader/fan so having severe brain farts didn’t help my comprehension in any way. I was spacing out every five minutes.

Therefore, this post will be tips on how to (hopefully) prevent yourself from the dreaded book slump, because who wants that right?


So just a few tips I have to keep your reading mojo on:

  1. Switch books. Different author, genre, story.

I know for a fact that personally, this is the first step I go through whenever I feel a reading slump coming. You might change genres, change stories, or even just change authors. When we go on a binge and read backlogs we can get fatigued with the seeming repetitiveness because we get familiar with the writing style of an author or a genre. Mixing it up will prove to freshen up our perspectives and hopefully quell that slump.

2.ย  Switch reading mediums.

Pretty similar to the point above, if that one fails, try switching to a different format. You might find that reading physical, or on e-book or on audiobook will help you from getting bored of reading. I of course know that not all formats work with everybody but it’s another way to mix things up.

3. Try reading different storytelling formats.

What do I mean by that? Now, this is the book blogosphere, and for the most part, we all read full-length novels, no matter what genre. If you’re getting tired of it, regardless of format and genre, I suggest trying other formats. Graphic novels, comics, webcomics, manga, manhwa, web novels, fan fiction, translated web novels, and Wattpad stories to name a few. You still get the good story, just presented in a different format. Neat, right?

4. Get a buddy or join challenges/readathons.

This is not something I’ve personally done many times but I’ve heard that having someone to gush/read a book with really helps to alleviate reading fatigue. Same thing with readathons because there’s a challenge within a deadline and that stress inducing factor is super beloved by a lot of people.

5. Watch Booktube videos.

I love this. I follow a lot of book tubers but I’m currently actively watching about, 5 or 6 channels and making sure I’m caught up with them. I love their personalities, their reading tastes either are same as mine or it’s intriguing enough for me to pick something up and read it. Sometimes, watching someone be super enthusiastic about reading will benefit you by making you feel the same way.

6. Read book blogs.

Kind of in the similar vein as the point above and pretty self explanatory. Bathe in the hype!

7. Browse through the upcoming releases.

Nothing will get you more excited to read than knowing how close it is to the release date of book number 5 in a series you’ve been eyeing but have never read. Or maybe a new one from a favorite author or a hyped author and realizing how late you are to the party by not having read any of their works. It’s like magic, I tell ya.

8. Clean your house/room.

If all else fails, clean your room. Not a lot of people like cleaning but I personally do and it affects our brains when our immediate surroundings is messy and dirty. Too much distractions in the form of clothes on the floor, crumbs on the carpet and the bed, untidy closets, books EVERYWHERE and basically just stewing in your own filth. It’s very satisfying and even therapeutic to see your space slowly become clean and organized. It might also make you feel like reading again!

9. Watch TV. K-dramas. Anime.

American TV shows, your local ones, K-dramas, Anime. Whatever your choice of poison is, give your noggins a break and watch an episode or two instead. The switch of medium could very well give you the inspiration your looking for.

10. Go out, get some fresh air.

Doesn’t have to be with friends or people at all. Even just going out for a stroll or dropping by the grocery store to buy something or even your backyard helps. Get moving, a body in motion will keep the mind in motion. We’re not sedentary creatures, take advantage of it.

11. Sleep. We need rest.

Sleep guys, please. At the end of all these, if what you need is sleep, you gotta have it. Our brains are not going to work properly if we lack this magic thing. No, don’t over sleep, just get enough, because over sleeping also causes your brain to lack oxygen which is why you feel shittier when you wake up.


These are all the tips that I can think of to prevent and/or get you out from a reading slump! Do you do any of these? Are there more tips you guys have to share? Comment down below and let’s chat!


Lots of love,


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