Discussion #3: What are your favourite bookish items (besides actual books)?

Greetings everyone! I am back with another discussion post and this time I ask all of you: what other bookish things do you love? Now I personally don’t know what EXACTLY bookish items consists of but I’ll take a wild guess and say that it includes things or paraphernalia that helps my reading life be radiant and awesome.


Onto the list!

My first item will definitely be bookmarks! Admittedly when I first got back into reading (after years of not doing it), I belonged to the anything-is-a-bookmark category. Receipts, ripped magazine pages, paper clips, bobby pins, you name it, I’ve used them all! Over the years though, especially when I got my first job, I wandered into the land of bookish accessories. Where there are all. kinds. of. things. Paper bookmarks with all kinds of cute illustrations, ones made of tougher plastic, even metal ones with cute gems/beads at the end of them, or stringy ones with charms. I love them! Pair that with the my paychecks and my undiagnosed ADHD impulsiveness and I can proudly say I own close to 40 of them. Probably not a lot by other people’s standards but if I only use like… three of them, it’s a lot okay?


Another item that I cannot live without and that I consider bookish, is tea. To anyone who disagrees… FIGHT ME lol. I’ve only just started to get into them to be honest. I was always a tea over coffee kind of person (I know, I know, I just don’t care for the taste of coffee) but ever since I got diagnosed with ADHD and started taking stimulant medication, it became more apparent that I cannot drink anything caffeinated or I will suffer headaches and basically feel like poop for the rest of the day until the next day. It became like alcohol to me… with the nasty hangover. But I had to have my hot drinks because I’m a perpetually cold person and the thought of gulping down just hot chocolate makes my head hurt, also hot drinks are like hugs for the soul ❀

Which brought me to try more tea! I’m currently obsessed with anything David’s Tea (if you’re Canadian, try them!) and I’m enjoying their dessert tea line, which has like a gajillion different flavours, and it’s helping me curb my sweet tooth too! Refined sugar id my enemy so anything that helps the craving is awesome πŸ˜€


Lastly, I’ll just put it all in this part but I equally love, fluffy blankets, ‘reading socks’ which are just super thick and fluffy socks, my small but powerful reading light when I decide to grab a physical book, my noise cancelling headphones for audiobooks, and my reading journal, where I update my reading and TBRs and all that. I don’t even know if Goodreads will be considered an ‘item’ but if it can be then that too.

I think that about covers it? Reading is a huge passion of mine and probably of a lot of you so bookish ‘items’ can definitely be anything that I can associate with the relaxation of reading. Would you agree? Which I think is a great thing because I would say, us bookish people are one of the EASIEST one to gift when celebrations warrant one!

So, what are your favourite bookish items? Any fun stories about them? Also, what would be your go to gift request for birthdays and holidays? Comment down below, I would love to know!


Lots of love,


28 thoughts on “Discussion #3: What are your favourite bookish items (besides actual books)?

  1. Erin @ Pages of Milk and Honey says:

    DavidsTea is my favourite loose-leaf tea company and I’m so glad someone else loves it too! My favourite time of year is when the tea advent calendar is released πŸ™‚ I also love bookmarks too, and my trick to using all of them is I like to match it to my book – by colour or theme, usually!

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  2. tiffany @ readbytiffany says:

    Yes!! I’m also a huge tea drinker ❀ I love earl grey, but I'll look to see if they have David's Tea in the US (I'm sure I could find it somewhere). What type of dessert teas do you drink? I definitely need to cut down on my own refined sugar intake, so any nice alternatives would be helpful πŸ™‚

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    • tornpagesandroses says:

      I loove earl grey, even earl grey flavoured desserts 😁 I have this one weird combo of macarΓ³n flavor that I love and it’s earl grey and blue cheese I think? It’s really yummy.

      Right now I’m trying out samples of some of their dessert loose leafs and my favorite so far is their Maple Syrup Oolong. It’s soooo good. I do wish you guys have it there! If not, I’m sure any good loose leaf places would have tons to choose from 😊

      I also am enjoying one called Cotton Candy, so green tea with cotton candy bits, and hot chocolate, which is rooibos with chocolate sprinkles and chips. I have one on the way (ordered it online) and it’s vanilla swirl that’s supposed to taste like soft serve and red velvet cake. Haha is it not obvious how much I loove my sweets?

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      • Shane says:

        I just like colouring a lot, same with painting πŸ’“ I think I work on art stuff when I just feel like it or am a little bored, rather than when I want to relax πŸ€” I’d just sleep or eat and watch if I want to relax πŸ˜‚

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  3. PerfectlyTolerable says:

    I am definitely part of the anything-is-a-bookmark club! I hate bookmarks! I always lose them and they have a bad habit of breaking or falling out or both! And if they are paper then the top always gets crinkled. I know I’m weird!

    My favorite bookish item I have is this leather book weight my Grandma got me for Christmas. It holds open my book so I can read while eating or when I am at work and can only read a page at a time!

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