It’s a Wrap!: April 2018

Bride (1)

Hello beautiful people! Another month has passed and everybody got older and the seasons have changed and here I am, still struggling with life. Just kidding. April wasn’t the most productive reading month for me because work has taken over my life as my boss went on holidays which made me responsible of doing a lot of her jobs. It has come to an end though! Albeit now I am left with this huge, looming cloud of stress. Ahh, how lovely is it to adult.

Before I digress too much, let me tell you guys what I’ve been up to this month. In total, I’ve read five books. Actually, not that bad as I thought.


As you can probably tell, I was in a bit of a mystery/crime/thriller binge and boy did Karin Slaughter fulfill that craving for me. She is hands down my newest favorite author and will then proceed to buy and collect all of her works wuahahaha. I have a review up and posted for Pretty Girls and The Good Daughter if you guys want to check it out! P. S. there’s quite a bit of restrained fangirling in there :’D

Besides those books, I mostly was listening to music (my newly re-found love for K-pop) and podcasts because I was just in such a shitty mood for the most part of the month. Nothing really new besides that. I’m also going to be accepting review books this month so let’s just hope that I’ll learn how to say no and actually manage not to over book myself and be totally drained lol.

Anyway, not the longest post but just want to let you guys know what I’ve been up to last month! How was your April? Any awesome goals you plan on achieving this month? Comment down below, let’s chat!


Lots of love,


6 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap!: April 2018

  1. Peachy says:

    😅 yeah, adulting 😶😶😶 #enoughsaid
    How was A Study in Scarlet Women?
    April had been pretty much like an emotional roller coaster for me, but I’m back to the good parts?

    Liked by 1 person

    • tornpagesandroses says:

      It was good actually! There’s a lot of #girlpower throughout the book especially given the time period it was set it and all that, I was so hyped 😂 seems like a lot of people had a pretty meh April, hopefully the summer picks it back up!

      Liked by 1 person

    • tornpagesandroses says:

      It’s kinda embarassing but I’m actually not into movies at all 😶 or more like I haven’t been exposed to it as much. I have watched a lot of animated films but that’s about it lol if I were to review them it could be a separate project trying to be more acquainted with the medium 😂


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