The Book Feels Tag!

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Hey guys! This is my first book tag ever so pardon me if it seems a bit too long winded. I was tagged by the very lovely Rhea over at Bookchanted and I’m super excited to share with you guys what my answers turned out to be! Without further ado, here we go!

A book/series that made you smile or laugh:

Do graphic novels count? Because my absolute favorite so far from last year and the start of this year would be the Saga series by Brian K. Vaughan. It’s about this couple that are from two different planets but they fell in love and had a baby, which turned them into fugitives because union between their species is seen as an abomination. It is super hilarious you guys, I kept on laughing throughout each volumes because it was just too much. I guess just keep in mind that the humor is totally adult. There’s a lot of sexual and violent content but I still recommend it, even if you haven’t ventured into graphic novels before.

A book/series that made you sad or want to cry:

I actually have the same choice as Rhea lol. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes pulled my heartstrings so much I was BAWLING for a good three days. Thank goodness I read it in my room because the pain was so surreal that I still cried whenever I thought about it for a week straight. It might seem like an overreaction for some people but I really am a very emotional person, and add the fact that I have a hyperactive imagination and high empathy doesn’t really help me out.

A book/series that you love:

This is a book series but I’ve only read the first one so… yeah. The Painted/Warded Man by Peter V. Brett, which is part of the Demon Cycle series, is the best thing that I’ve come across so far in a long while. I have read quite a few more books and highly praised works ever since but so far this has stuck to me more than any of them. I remember finishing it at work during my lunch break and I felt like screaming and throwing the book because I didn’t have the second one with me *roils in frustration*giphy (6)

A book/series that you didn’t particularly like:

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. It was extremely hyped so I decided to check it out especially since it kept on being compared to The Girl on the Train which I enjoyed, but when I got to it and finished it, it wasn’t anything special. I didn’t hate it but I thought it was pretty badly written plot-wise especially because the flow of the story just didn’t make sense a lot of times and the characters were a bit lackluster. I still finished it though.

A book/series that was made into a movie that you liked:

The Harry Potter series but only because the cast made it a memorable set of movies. Other than that, none. Movie adaptations have yet to impress me.

A book/series that was made into a movie that you didn’t like:

Umm, everything else? Although special mention to The Mortal Instruments because they managed to remove all of the parts that will explain the story and just put in the exciting parts. The result? A whole movie without the context but just the action scenes. It was shitty.

A book/series that you have mixed feelings about:

44 Scotland Street series by Alexander McCall Smith. I would describe it as a daytime TV show/ slice of life kind of story with really quirky and static characters to make it more interesting. I’ve only read the first one and maybe half of the second one before I DNF’d it. It wasn’t boring exactly but I just feel like it’s one of those books you have to be in the mood for. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime.

A book/series that you haven’t read but are totally excited about:

Sarah J. Maas’ books even though I’ve already read The Court of Thorns and Roses. I still have a lot to catch up on with her works but so far the one I’ve read was pretty good especially for all the hype going on.

A book/series that made you angry:

Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield. This book is so rage-inducing and so heartbreaking because of the complete unfairness happening to the main character but it’s also such a good book. It tackles child abuse and bullying and the fact that adults can be super evil and manipulative towards children that it gave me so much anxiety whilst reading this. It can be triggering so just a fair warning if you’re ever interested in checking it out but I definitely recommend this book.

A book/series you feel like you can relate to:

Definitely the Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli. It just reminded me of first loves and teenage worries and insecurities and endless crushes and it’s just super fun to read. Definitely recommend!


So I have decided not to tag anybody in particular but if you are someone who’s interested in doing this one, feel free to use me as your tagger! I hope you had fun reading this, because I had fun writing 🙂






11 thoughts on “The Book Feels Tag!

  1. thebookprophet says:

    Great job on your first tag! Me Before You – oh my god I saw the movie and my mom and I were crying SO HARD. I didn’t cry during the book but I was so darn close.

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