Saturday Summaries #1: Witches and Cauldrons

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Happy Saturday everyone! And Happy Early Halloween! How was everybody’s week? Mine was the usual, with work and various errands, it was a busy one although I always had time to be reading books and even though I was in a slump for a few days, I still managed to finish 3 things and I’m currently in the middle of another 3 things and I have about 18 items to pick up from the library and about… 400 physical books on my shelf so, yeah. I promise I’m gonna work on that this New Year though! Books are just so comforting to me that I’d rather be surrounded and toppled over by them than anything else.

Anyways, this week I finished The Hollow Girl by Hillary Monahan, Thornyhold by Mary Stewart and Chew Vol. 1. I’m currently in the middle of Dark Witch (The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy Bk. 1) by Nora Roberts, Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and I’m still working on Bag of Bones by Stephen King, albeit a little slower.

I gave Thornyhold a five-star rating because it was such a cozy, comforting read and I loved Mary Stewart’s prose so much because it’s so magical and it bought out so much life to the story especially because it was magical realism and it’s about love and witches and finding happiness in unexpected ways and places. It’s also about fate and how it’s hard to change destiny and where life will lead you and to whom. I just found it heartwarming and I didn’t realize how much I needed that kind of comfort. It brought me out of my reading slump as well which is a bonus.


The Hollow Girl by Hillary Monahan was a four-star read and that is pretty good for me. It’s about the granddaughter of a drabarni or the “village witch/elder” of a group of Romani people and how she was being harassed by some of their men and the unfortunate happening one night and her journey to take revenge. It was categorized as a horror book from my library’s catalogue so I borrowed it and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say it scared me personally but it made me feel and isn’t that what we want out of our stories? I felt anger, and disgust and even cringed a few times because the gory scenes were a little too potent for my imagination. In the end I felt so much relief and justice though that I thought it was such a worthwhile read. I suggest you try it, it’s such a good Halloween read!


Lastly, I finished Chew Vol. 1: Taster’s Choice by John Layman and this is my first foray into graphic novels/comics and I loved it. I found it from Elena’s YouTube channel: Elena Reads Books (she’s a great youtuber btw, please check her out!) and it’s basically about Tony Chu, a police detective and a cibopath, which means that whatever he eats, like an apple, he will know where it was grown, what fertilizers were used, what the weather was, the farmers who handled it and all that and when he eats human flesh, he gets to know their thoughts and stuff about their pasts and it’s a story about how they solve strange and bizarre cases through their ability. The artwork first of all is super awesome and this made me realize how much I enjoy graphic novels. The story is interesting, as I’ve already reiterated before. I’ve only read the first volume and I have the next.. 11 I think, on the library for pickup and I can’t wait to dig into it!


I’m about 60 pages into Dark Witch and I am loving it so far. I am about, 17% into Illuminae and it’s super interesting so far as well and I will definitely continue with the series after this one. Bag of Bones will take me a little while before I finish it just because it’s inconsistent in pulling me in the story. Maybe it’s just about to get more interesting (I’m about 300 pp. in) so I’ll look forward to that.

I’m not really used to having a TBR but I think it’s better for me to have one because I tend to read faster and more whenever I do that and it stops me from bingeing on TV shows or something else to waste time. Do you guys have TBRs too or do you tend to jut follow your mood with whatever catches your fancy? How many books did you read this week and were they good? I’d love to know so please comment down below and let’s have a chat! Happy weekend everyone! Take care of yourselves.

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