Week 1: It Was Boring

Hullo! So. Life update: Adulting is really not fun but I’m slowly trying to get better at it lol so far, this week has been the usual for me, spent my weekdays at home doing pretty much nothing and went to work on the weekends. I’ve been trying to up my workout and reading game because it’s the only way for me right now to battle my depression and mood swings and so far it’s working fantastic. I was never athletic or into physical stuff growing up but I guess at 20 with mental health problems I have to concede and for once actually learn to take care of myself. It’s actually fun, although I am still working up to working for a full half an hour right now because I’m weak asf lol getting there though!

Reading wise, I’m working my way through a Stephen King novel, specifically the Bag of Bones and I like it so far, I’m reading it on my Kindle BUT it is kinda hard for me to make a dent on it because it’s just too darn huge. I don’t know if I’m just a slow reader but it took me 25 minutes to move up 2% on the novel. I will definitely finish it though and will have a review up soon, hopefully. I’m probably the only reader who can only read one book at a time though lol try as I might my brain cannot multitask to save my life.

I currently have about.. 2,700+ books in my possession, e-books and physical copies together, and I have got to make a dent out of them before I start buying more because oh my goodness that number is anxiety inducing. I vow to actually read every single one of them no matter how many years it takes and to post a review to make myself accountable. BOOKWORM PROBLEMS GUYS, it’s hard haha. Anyways, I’ll end this post by putting up a picture of myself because I can’t believe I wore this makeup look to work this Saturday, I looked ridiculous.


4 thoughts on “Week 1: It Was Boring

  1. Brett A Dill says:

    Definitely not the only reader who can only read one book at a time. I think if I tried to read more than one at a time, somebody would have to reboot me.

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