Hello, crazy world!

Very first blog post, wohoo! This won’t be much, just wanna let everybody know of my presence. First off, this won’t be a very formal/professional-ish blog straight off the bat. I am not the very best writer, I’ll admit but nonetheless I am very chatty and I looove telling people all about the different things that catches my attention. For now it might be a new book one day, and puppies the next but I promise to make some semblance of unity and organization in how I post stuff.

A few more little tidbits about myself:

  • I am currently on antidepressants because yay
  • I just got off a breakup and I’m on the process of moving on (HELP)
  • I just recently got back to reading a lot because apparently it’s a good distraction (I know, why did I even stop, right?)
  • I used to hate working out, and even moving but now I’ve been trying to do even if it’s just for a few minutes everyday (ohmahgee endorphins!)
  • I am Catholic, and proud (not gonna post religious stuff I promise, but hey this is an introduction)
  • I have about.. 400 physical books, and around.. 2,000 on my kindle
  • I have only read an embarrassingly small amount of them
  • OH AND LIBRARY, I love my library
  • I am in school for Practical Nursing but my hobbies only consists of artsy fartsy stuff
  • My art skills have regressed over the years along with my sanity because apparently it has been one of my biggest coping mechanism
  • I’m trying to get back to journaling but not on paper right now because it reminds me of the not so fun breakup

That’s all for now. I could literally write everything that comes into my head right now but I won’t. For everyone who’ll stumble about into this blog of mine, I hope you enjoy! Comment, ask me any questions, I’ll be glad to answer. Have a great day whoever you are!

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