The Devil’s Playground by Alice J. Black AKA Living in an unending nightmare


the devils playground

This story is about a man named Jake. He has the best life he could imagine having. An awesome job as a medical doctor, the most amazing fiancĂ© ever, and all the best buds both in the workplace and out. There’s only one thing, he’s been having these horrible nightmares about a place called The Devil’s Playground ever since his father left him and his mother when he was a younger man. Days on end, he would be thrown back into this horrific scene, only to be yanked into the real world, not letting him sleep.

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The Children of Wrath by T. A. Ward Review + Why I’m not the best at reading sci-fi/dystopian novels!



Hey everyone! I have another review for you today, and this is a review copy that was sent to me by the author, in exchange for my thoughts and opinions! Thank you thank you for choosing me! I’ll have all her social media handles and other links at the end of this post so please keep on reading 🙂 Continue reading

It’s a Wrap! July 2018


Bride (1)

Hello everybody! Monica here. A bit late to post this but hey, better late than never. July was a weirdly busy month for me. I started my summer uni class, so I had that with its awesome two midterms, I had work and I had various commitments and appointments sprinkled in throughout. It was fun! The surprising thing though, is it’s also my most successful reading month for the year so far! How did I do?

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